Time Out New York | Amy Sedaris Q&A

I’ve been lucky to interview Amy Sedaris a coupe of times now over the years. And this time, we talked about her new line of kitchen goods for Fishs Eddy in NYC. Minutes after I hung up the phone with her, she e-mailed me and said that she remembered meeting me in Chicago a few years ago. Nice lady! You can read my latest interview with the Strangers with Candy star here

Birchbox | The 8 Most Instagrammable Hotels in the US

I got a serious case of wanderlust while researching these awesome hotels for Birchbox. Check out the 8 most Instagrammable hotels in the US of A right here. (And then book an end-of-summer trip!)

Time Out New York | Best Shops 2014

I had the honor of writing and editing the Best Shops 2014 cover story for the June 26 issue of TONY. So many good stores here! (I see you, Dover Street Market). Check out the main feature here

I’m excited to make more videos on the Tastemade app. This was was filmed at Whitehall, one of my favorite spots in NYC’s West Village. Where should I eat next?!?!?

Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago | Clean Slate


Jennie Bishop, of Studio GILD in Chicago, is not only a talented interior designer, but also a really cool person. It was so fun taking a tour of this Old Town house she designed. And just like every home I write about, I want to live there, too. Read the storyyou’ll see why.

Birchbox | 6 Awesome Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Drinking Water

BREAKING NEWS: Water keeps you looking younger. Ok, that might not be much of a shocker, but I did find some other interesting aqua facts while working on my latest assignment from Birchbox. Find more reasons to glug down H2O here.

Time Out New York | Spring Fashion 2014

Photograph: Mark Iantosca

This year’s Spring fashion issue of Time Out New York is all about the style scene in Brooklyn, so I found a handful of fashionable BK-based bloggers to feature as our models and interview subjects. (Oh! And I’m an extra in this shot!) Check out the feature here

Time Out New York | How to: Store your winter clothes

It’s 52 degrees in NYC right now. We are so close to Spring, which is a good thing because I am so ready to retire my winter coat for the season. Over at TONY, I found some clever tips on how to store your winter clothes. Check it out here

Birchbox | 10 Bizarre Duets from Pop Music History

This month’s theme at Birchbox is “mix and match,” so I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some of the oddest duets available on Spotify. Check out the story and listen to the playlist here. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga is only the beginning…

Details.com | Late-Night Style


Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show last week. Seth Meyers just started his hosting stint on Late Night. Lots going on the world of late night TV. I thought it would be fun to look at the different sartorial styles of the hosts in the genre (current crop and classic guys like Johnny Carson). Check out the story over here. Apologies in advance to Jon Stewart. 

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